What is next for Pacquiao after Bradley?

Whatever happens in the afternoon of April 13 and whatever the result will be, Manny Pacquiao and his crew will have to decide what to do next.

Photo taken from ibtimes.com | wikimedia.org

Photo taken from ibtimes.com | wikimedia.org

A win will once again open doors for Pacquiao: a possible fifth bout with the indefatigable Juan Manuel Marquez, the pipe dream match with Floyd Mayweather, Jr… the options are limitless. However, a defeat, and a more decisive one than the one in his meeting with Timothy Bradley, will hurtle Pacman down faster than a flush in a clogged toilet.

Photo Courtesy of: bbc.com | Getty Images

Photo Courtesy of: BBC Sports | Getty Images

Image Source: Photo: Robert Beck | Sports Illustrated

Image Source: Robert Beck | Sports Illustrated

Bradley has called out that Pacquiao has lost his killer instinct and that he has gone soft. The eight-division champion wants to prove that the ferocity that brought him to the top is still there and he will show that he still has it this Sunday.

Trainer Joel Diaz and Bradley both echo the same thought – they will put the 35-year old General Santos native to pasture. It is up to them to put the bite in their bark.

As for Pacquiao, it will be like the first time he climbed the ladder a decade ago. All he needs to do is make that first step once again.

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