NBA Complete Game Results – January 8, 2014 (PH Time)

NBA Complete Game Results - January 8, 2014 (PH Time)

#DirkNowitzki contributed 27 points to beat the #LALakers 97-110 on Wednesday in the#DallasMavericks homecourt.

Here are other #NBAResults for January 8 ball games.

Wizards 97 – 83 Bobcats
76ers 93 – 111 Cavaliers
Raptors 79 – 86 Pacers
Pelicans 88 – 107 Heat
Pistons 85 – 89 Knicks
Suns 87 – 92 Bulls
Spurs 110 – 108 Grizzlies
Warriors 101 – 80 Bucks
Lakers 97 – 110 Mavericks
Boston Celtics 98 – 129 Nuggets
Thunder 101 – 112 Utah Jazz
Trail Blazers 119 – 123 Kings


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